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Software Engineering for Service-Oriented Overlay Computers
Software Engineering for Service-Oriented Overlay Computers

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Theme 3: Deployment and Development Print

The third theme deals with the engineering aspects of service-oriented system construction. This includes model-based development techniques for refining and transforming service specifications, novel techniques for deploying service descriptions on different global computers, methods for reengineering legacy systems into service-oriented ones, and a software development process for service-oriented systems. These theme 3 activities are broken down into two work packages.

  • WP6 - Deployment and Reengineering - investigates and evaluates deployment mechanisms for service-oriented systems, and provides the SENSORIA project with a suite of tools and techniques for deploying service-oriented systems on global computers.
  • WP7 - Model-Driven Development - is concerned with increasing the profitability of the qualitative and quantitative analysis of services performed in WP3 and WP4 by strengthening the connections to high level systems models and integrating them into a systematic development process. In addition, tools for managing the iterative analysis process and an open lightweight CASE system for integrating the SENSORIA tools are developed.

Theme 3 deliverables:

  • Th0.4.a: Methodologies for MDA and Deployment (first version)
  • Th0.4.b: Methodologies for MDA and Deployment (second version)
  • Th0.4.c: Methodologies for MDA and Deployment: An Overview (final version)
  • Th0.5: The SENSORIA Pattern-based Approach applied to the Finance Case Study
  • Th0.6: Rigorous Software Engineering for Service-Oriented Systems

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