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Software Engineering for Service-Oriented Overlay Computers
Software Engineering for Service-Oriented Overlay Computers

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Deliverables of WP10 - Demonstration Activities Print

D10.a Standard Activities and Tools for Conceptual Demonstration

The objective of this work package is to prove that our results are not only sound but also usable on practical size applications, complementary to existing industrial best practices and tools, and useful for organisations setting standards for service-oriented computing. This deliverable describes the demonstration activities in SENSORIA. Main concepts of tool integration and standardisation activities are discussed.

The SENSORIA demonstrator "which will be presented at the Systems 2007 industrial fair in Munich" is presented. The demonstrator builds on the conceptual contributions of various work packages, and even the current first version already integrates tools developed at several different partner sites using the SENSORIA Development Environment (SDE).

D10.b Information Days

This deliverable presents the demonstration material which was prepared for Systems2007, the second largest industrial fair in Germany. SENSORIA results appear here in October 2007 with support of Bayern Innovativ.

D10.c Progress report on Demonstration Activities

The objective of WP10 is to prove that SENSORIA results are usable on practical size applications and useful for organisations and committees which are setting standards for service-oriented computing.
This deliverable present results of WP10 (Demonstration activities), concentrating mainly on Task 10.3 (Technology demonstration). We primarily focus on presenting how the project results complement existing industrial technologies. We also demonstrate that all major parts/topics of the project are represented in a standards-compliant extendable demonstration environment.


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