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Software Engineering for Service-Oriented Overlay Computers
Software Engineering for Service-Oriented Overlay Computers

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We developed the SENSORIA Approach. It generalizes the concept of service in such a way that:

  • it is independent from the particular global computer and from any programming language;
  • it can be described in a modular way, so that security issues, quality of service measures and behavioural guarantees are preserved under composition;
  • it supports dynamic, ad-hoc, “just-in-time" composition;
  • it can be made part of an integrated service-oriented approach to business modelling.

For this new concept of service for overlay computers we developed new semantically well-defined and powerfull

In the white paper entitled "A unifying formal basis for the SENSORIA approach" the evidence is given that the formal methods in SENSORIA, while spanning over a variety of theories and employing diverse mathematical results, are coherent and refer to well understood kernel of theoretical computer science. 
Application areas of SENSORIA for demonstrators include e-business, automotive systems, telecommunications and e-university.


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